Stream "EAgle Number 65"

Grammy award winning Texas based producer, session player, musician, and Austin City Limits Hall of Fame member, Lloyd Maines has released his first album, "Eagle Number 65!"


Here's a little history on why Lloyd chose this title for his first album: 

"I went to Roosevelt School grades 1 through 12. Roosevelt was located in a cotton field, 8 miles East of Lubbock and 4 miles West of Acuff. There were 31 seniors in my graduating class. I started playing full contact football in the 7th grade and knew nothing about sports. I didn’t even know what a jock strap was for ... Hello! I just knew that I wanted to play on the team. I started wearing glasses in the 4th grade but I didn’t want to wear my glasses while wearing my helmet, so I didn’t. I played football for 6 years and enjoyed it all, but I never saw the scoreboard. I had to ask my teammates how much time was left, what down it was, etc., and I never had to ask about the score because we were usually losing. Playing football helped to shape my life. My coaches taught me to never give up and that whining was not allowed. I was

number 65 and we were the Roosevelt Eagles."

- Lloyd Maines 


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"praise the lloyd"

"First of all, the CD is terrific! I suppose ‘cause it’s mainly instrumentals, I kept thinking about movie scenes that these tunes would be a great soundtrack to. A modern western like Hell or High Water, maybe. Or a Coen brothers film. Anyway, cowboy feel, dance feel, mystery feel, jazz feel, marching band feel, swing band feel a Reel, and a few classics. Ry Cooder meets Chet Atkins meets Charlie Christian meets Lloyd Maines.

The female singer is ethereal perfection."

— John Moore (musician/guitar builder)

“So enjoying your album! The tonality and creativity is so deep, so musical.

Hank Hill’s Nightmare- yummy.”

— Emily Sailers (singer/songwriter)


"I just finished your album…it is absolutely wonderful!!! It took me on such a journey. I Enjoyed it so much! I especially loved how different each song was … it showed such range and made me feel so many different emotions!" 

— Raquel Lindemann (singer/songwriter)